Business Formation​

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The process of starting and registering a business can seem daunting.  There are so many questions to answer of which you may not be familiar   Let Costello Family Law ensure that your business gets off the ground properly the first time around.

First, we will assist you to identify an available business name for your company. You cannot use one already in use. We will also ensure that any needed permissions are obtained or that your new business's name does not have any words that require such permission. For example, financial institutions must obtain permission to use words such as “bank” or “banking”.


Once we are certain that the name is ready to register, we then submit a registration form to the State Department of Taxation. We will provide contact information for your small business, as well as that of any partner(s) or other owners information. Then we will secure your Business License, file your charters, file any requisite stock certificates, obtain an EIN, open bank accounts, check for any local licenses and permits that may be required by the county and record your initial Minutes. Lastly, we will help you to establish a Board of Directors, if practicable.

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Seem a bit daunting?  Costello Family Law will make the process easy to understand and to complete.  You can feel assured that with Costello Family Law all the effort and concern for the unknown is addressed.  By utilizing our services, you need not waste thousands of dollars attempting to get it right.

Costello Family Law will ensure it is correct the first time.  This allows you to spend your effort on what is really important, building your business!