Family Law

Where there is family, there is drama.  It is an all-consuming event to be involved in an unhappy family situation.  How did I get into this situation?  How do I deal with it? What are my options for getting it resolved?  These are the questions that must be asked and answered in every family law case, be it divorce or separation, child and family support or custody and visitation.  Who are the parties and how are they affected by the present situation?  What are my options? What can be done to end the drama?

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I have been involved in numerous family law cases for 35 years, handling the concerns of your neighbors in the Town of Grand Island as well as both Erie and Niagara Counties.  Your first appointment is generally at your convenience and at no charge in my office.  This will give you the opportunity to discuss your situation, find out what your options are, what your expectations should be for resolution and what it is likely the costs.  Over these many years, I have been able to effectively resolve many of the most difficult cases in a compassionate and cost-effective way.  Quality legal work at a reasonable price should be your goal in every family law case.