Personal Attorney

William J. Costello

- Lead Attorney -

Bill: "William J Costello Lawyer in Office"

It has been the role of my legal practice throughout many years to act as the personal attorney for you. Individuals, business owners and families often have an array of concerns involving many potential legal issues with numerous possible solutions.  I always give the necessary time for consultation to determine what the problem is, whether it can be handled locally, and how best to find the proper solution, including bringing in co-counsel.  If a trial is the best course of action, our office has shown the skill and willingness to go that route.  We conduct all necessary research before proceeding to trial to be completely ready to present your position.  If negotiation to settlement best fits your case, we will do what is required, while trying to get the best result for you. 


While many law firms spend money on expensive office suites and impressive furniture, I have chosen to keep my office simple, enabling me to keep my rates reasonable. An old attorney once said that “the best file is a closed file,” and I will give you my best to close your file as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can get on with life.  As always, any discussions and consultations will be held in the strictest confidence, never to be shared with anyone.  Ask about my annual legal retainer to greatly reduce your legal costs.