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Wills, Estate, Trusts & Probate

Over the past 35 years, Costello Family Law has provided advice for hundreds of clients in the Estate, Trusts and Probate areas.  It begins with wills, health care proxies and powers of attorney.  The firm has worked with many of your friends and neighbors on Grand Island and in both Erie and Niagara counties, with the drafting and signing of their Last Will and Testament.  Everyone is given the opportunity to sit down with me to go over the options for drafting a will and/or estate plan.  Ask for a free will review.


Questions concerning health care proxies and powers of attorney can be explored and settled with the drafting and signing of those documents.  We often say that it is easy to draw a will, and just as easy to change it, if circumstances dictate.  We try to accommodate people who may need to get papers signed quickly, done at your convenience and at a reasonable price with no surprises.


After a loved one has passed on, it is often necessary to engage the Surrogate’s Court for probate of the estate.  My office is conveniently located at 1980 Whitehaven Road in the Town of Grand Island, and we have been able to accommodate first appointments with Executors and beneficiaries, often who do not live in our area but now must deal with our Courts in the Probate process.    


What happens to bank accounts and retirement accounts? How are stocks and bonds cashed or transferred?  How do we sell the house and what is involved?  And what about the cost of probate?  I have been involved in many estates over the years, simple ones and contested ones, and I have always been upfront with my clients about the legal fees.  Costello Family Law strives for the best legal services at the best price on every case.